Extra (Sometimes Highly Unofficial) Material Pertaining to the Discworld Roleplaying Game

An explanation... Working on the Discworld Roleplaying Game threw up a number of ideas which didn't get used in the book (or its sequel), for various reasons. Others emerged after the books had been written, for one reason or another. However, that's not to say that they didn't have any value. So I'm making sure they're available on the 'Web.

In fact, some of the material which is on the 'Web may now also be found, in slightly different form, in GURPS Discworld Also. Some of it will only ever be available online, however.

Note: GURPS (the "Generic Universal Roleplaying System") and supporting materials published for it are copyright Steve Jackson Games Incorporated, and the title is one of their registered trademarks. The Discworld is the creation of Terry Pratchett, whose work is of course copyright himself, and the name of the setting is his registered trademark. No challenge to or infringement of these intellectual properties is intended or implied by this material.

Phil Masters

Discworld Mage Magic(k):


The standard GURPS magic system proves a perfectly adequate fit for the Discworld, and I'd recommend new players (and most others) to stick with that. However, GURPS rules hackers might like to consider an alternative; adapting the system given in GURPS Mage: the Ascension.



While I was waiting for the book to appear, I came up with some notes on Reality and GURPS Discworld for Usenet consumption.



Teppic appears in the novel Pyramids; this is a GURPS representation of the character.

On Steve Jackson Games' site:


Lastly, Steve Jackson Games, publishers of the book, also have a 'Webzine, the admirable Pyramid, which has run a number of articles regarding the Discworld, including stuff which got trimmed out of the first volume for space reasons (most of which ended up in the second), scenarios, designer's notes, and so on. Some of this is by me, some is by other people. Normally, one has to pay a subscription for access to Pyramid (not that it's expensive), but for some reason the company seems to make a point of putting most or even all Discworld-related articles into the "free samples" space.

To find them, you can go to their search page and enter "Discworld Pyramid" as the keywords. This should get you a more complete and up-to-date list than I can provide here; unfortunately, it also gets you a lot of other stuff. An alternative is to use some of the advanced search features on Google; at the time of writing, this link should get you a fairly comprehensive set of relevant sample articles without too many false positives. However, for some reason, Google doesn't seem to pick up everything; it certainly misses Call No Man Happy Until He Is Dread, an article of which I'm moderately proud.



Anyone looking for more material for the game online might like to take a look at Discworld Bye Nighte, an independent fan-run site with quite a lot of good ideas.


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