Role-Playing Games

You can buy a lot of my work online from the Steve Jackson Games store, mostly but not solely in electronic form.

RPG Conventions

My contribution to RPG Fandom: information on upcoming British RPG Conventions. Also, I have a file of various people's advice on the art of organising them (preserved from a Usenet discussion years ago, and maybe a little bit dated now).

But Anyway...

The objective of these pages is (mostly) to provide a few amusing or useful links for RPG'ers. For what it's worth, I also have a page of links and notes discussing the dull fact that RPGs aren't "evil."

I'm not going to try to explain what RPGs are -- if you've come this far, you probably know already. If not -- jump in and browse around. The CAR-PGa have a good brief page attempting a definition, but generally, learning by doing is best.

Stuff of Mine and About Me on the 'Web

Games Companies &c.

Actually, I've put my list of RPG companies and the like, with URLs off on a separate page. Fell free to go browse...

Transhuman Space stuff

Transhuman Space is a wonderful near-future, techno-optimistic hard SF setting from Steve Jackson Games. (Okay, yes, I'm the line editor.) Here are some useful or amusing resources for the game, from a variety of sources:

Assorted RPG Resources &c.

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Digressing from the subject somewhat...

My brother and sister-in-law rent out a couple of Holiday Cottages in Southern Normandy, and I've put some information about these on the 'Web.