Old Addenda to the Frequently Asked Questions File for uk.games.roleplay

To explain; once upon a time, the Usenet newsgroup uk.games.roleplay had a FAQ file, which I maintained for a while. That file grew until it was too large, at which point I hived various overweight sections off into separate files and stored them here. Later, I handed the job of maintaining the main file off to someone else, but kept those anciliary files around in case they were needed.

In time, though, as interest in Usenet declined, the FAQ file was abandoned by its maintainer of the moment (although copies might still be found on the 'Web by anyone who cares to look). And I stopped maintaining the anciliary files. Still, a couple of them may still be of interest to someone, so I keep them around. They may very well be grossly out of date, but hey, whatever.

The Files:

Self-Publishing.txt -- A very, very brief guide to publishing your own RPG in these islands.

IntellectualProperty.txt -- A very brief and informal guide to copyrights, trademarks, and patents, especially with regard to RPGs. (Please note that this file does not have the status of legal advice!)